Added exceptional design challenges:


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Fashion Clothing ChallengeArtistic ChallengeTextile ChallengeInterdisciplinary Challenge
Retail ChallengeThe One and Only ChallengeAdvanced ChallengeMagazines Challenge
Manufacturing Machinery ChallengeSurmount Security ChallengeStreet Furniture ChallengeRewarding Challenge
Absolute ChallengeArchitectural Design ChallengeGreatest Design Works ChallengeGreatest Design Pieces Challenge
For Designers ChallengeContests ChallengeDesigners ChallengeHigh Quality Design Challenge
Professional Designer ChallengeArt Materials ChallengeArts Equipment ChallengePioneers Challenge
Scholarship Programs ChallengeResearch Proposals ChallengeArt Installations ChallengeMarine Vessels Challenge
Financial Instruments ChallengeEducation ChallengeInformation Processing ChallengeBaby Products Challenge
Tableware ChallengeConference Rooms ChallengeMathematics ChallengeBeauty Products Challenge
Orange Goods ChallengeArtists Books ChallengeParamount ChallengeArt Gallery Challenge
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